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Loss of Self Worth at Work

If you try to move forward without at least acknowledging the losses you’ve experienced, you can end up carrying your baggage with you.

Loss of self esteem at work

If you work in an environment where the behaviour of the leaders is bullying, micromanaging, and they ghost your input, it can lead to the loss of motivation, your self worth at work, as well as burnout, stress and overwhelm.

When you’re working in this kind of toxic environment for an extended period of time, you might start questioning your own abilities, you might start feeling trapped like there’s no way out. A normal Monday morning feeling might become the norm everyday.

Eventually, if you don’t tackle this, it is likely to impact your mental wellbeing and your confidence, and you might even start feeling like a failure.

It might impact you so much that you start doubting you can get another job. The fear of the unknown is holding you there.

Please know, this approach to managing people says more about the management than any insecurities of team members they manage.

So, you move on and make the change to a more positive and professional work environment - but how do you make sure you don’t carry the baggage of the negative feelings with you into job interviews and your next job?

If you try to move forward without at least acknowledging your emotional loss, you can end up carrying some negative baggage with you.

Here are some tips to help you work through your feelings, rather than bury them.

  • Write a list of all the positive things you did and experienced in the job.

  • The next thing is to take a step back and write down all the things that created the toxic atmosphere. You will soon see that it wasn’t about you. It could be that the company was struggling financially and this was impacting your manager. It could just be down to someone’s personality. Again, it’s not about you.

  • Find someone you trust to talk to, who will just listen, and tell them how the experience has left you feeling. Talking about it means you’re no longer bottling it all inside.

If you need further support, a number of our grief specialists have expertise in supporting people with losses in the workplace. Just email us at and we will connect you.


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