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As a Funeral Director, do you struggle to support families after the funeral?

Introducing Grief Support Hub

In association with Grief Specialists CIC

We understand that providing exceptional service to grieving families goes beyond the funeral itself - but can be challenging. That's why we're excited to introduce our service exclusively for funeral directors - a personalised and branded grief support portal, designed to set you apart from your competitors.

Our goal is to help Funeral Directors deliver exceptional after-care to grieving families. So, we have designed the grief support hub, to make a lasting difference.

Free Long Term Grief Support For Families You Serve

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

Build Long Lasting Customer  Relationships

Your Own Personalised and Branded Mini-Site

Your Personalised Post Funeral Customer Centre - Support for Families, Long Lasting Relationships For You

Book a Discovery Call to Find Out More

Please get in touch by booking a discovery call to find out more - including see a demo of a working Grief Support Hub.

Support for Families

Show families that you genuinely care by providing them with free access to a wealth of grief support resources and tools through your branded support hub.


As a social enterprise, all our profits go to helping people. If your clients need further support with a grief professional, you can ask us for funded help. 

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Subscribe to our service and receive personalised email sequences that offer support and guidance to your families in the weeks and months following their loss.

Get a Competitive Advantage

In a competitive industry, offering personalised grief support sets you apart from your competitors and helps build trust.


Your personliased Grief Support Hub will enhance your services, showcase your compassion, and make you stand out as a funeral director who truly cares.

Personalised Branding

Your portal will be customised with your branding, creating a seamless and empathetic experience for families during their difficult times. It won’t be publicly available. It will be there for you to signpost your bereaved families to.

Your Co-Branded Grief Support Hub

  • Co-branded mini site

  • 30+ grief resources

  • Co-branded email funnels

  • New resources regularly added

  • Prompt access to grief experts

  • Provide ongoing grief support

  • Monthly email marketing activity

  • Strengthen your brand & reputation

  • Low monthly subscription

  • Raise funds for grief support services

About Grief Specialists CIC

Grief Specialists CIC is a collective of grief experts dedicated to supporting anyone experiencing loss. Our specialists have different areas of expertise - ready to provide professional support and resources to guide you through your grief journey. 

Support For Grieving Families

Your subscription payments will go towards providing much needed funding for grieving families to get the help they need, when they need it. Our network of qualified Grief Specialists can provide in-person or online counselling sessions for your customers.

Book a Discovery Call to Find Out More

Please get in touch by booking a discovery call to find out more - including see a demo of a working Grief Support Hub.

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