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Bereavement First Aid Training

As all grief is unique, and everyone grieves in their own way, it could take months or even years before an individual is able to perform in the way they used to.

When grief isn’t addressed in the workplace, grieving employees might struggle to function. They might be unable to concentrate. Some might want the routine of work and throw themselves at it with gusto, which in turn could leave them ‘burnt out.’

Working at home

Have any of your staff experienced grief, leaving you fumbling for the right words to say, or the right support to give?​

Nearly half of people bereaved in the past year could not afford to stay off work and had to return before they were ready, according to research by Marie Curie, a charity specialising in the care and support of people with terminal illness.The research also showed almost 20 percent received no paid leave from their employer.

They might not want to talk about what happened. They might not stop talking about what happened. Others might avoid them, as they find it too awkward to discuss feelings, or they’re afraid that by asking them how they are, they might upset them.

Workplace Grief Training

Having grief training in your workplace will:

  • Support your workplace with expert grief training

  • Leave grieving colleagues feeling supported, heard and taken care of

  • Improve retention

  • Stop people from saying the wrong things and help people say the right things

  • Teach people how to listen

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UK Commission on Bereavement Survey

Get to Know Us

  • Survey respondents had high-level needs for emotional support with more than 51% of bereaved people experiencing high or severe vulnerability in their grief.

  • 4 in 10 participants reported difficulties in getting support from friends and family.

  • 75% of bereaved people demonstrating high or severe levels of vulnerability were not accessing formal bereavement services or mental health support.

Once finished, participants will be issued with a downloadable certificate, and your organisation will receive a downloadable logo to display. You will also have access to free resources, including a template bereavement policy.

Get in touch to find out more.

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