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National Bereaved Parents Day: “Love Lives On”

Practical Ways to Observe National Bereaved Parents Day

Practical Ways to Observe National Bereaved Parents Day

National Bereaved Parents Day, observed on Wednesday, July 3rd, is dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for parents who have endured the heart-wrenching loss of a child, regardless of age or circumstance.

Established in 2020 by the charity A Child of Mine, this day aims to acknowledge bereaved parents from all walks of life, offering them a platform to connect, share their stories, and find solace in knowing they are not alone.

The Purpose and Origins of National Bereaved Parents Day

The pain of losing a child is indescribable and often leaves parents feeling isolated in their grief. Recognising this profound struggle, A Child of Mine created National Bereaved Parents Day to provide a day of remembrance for those who have experienced such a loss.

This initiative underscores the importance of community and support in the healing process, reminding bereaved parents that their grief is shared and understood by many.

This Year’s Theme: “Love Lives On”

This year’s observance theme is “Love Lives On,” a poignant reminder that the love for a lost child endures beyond their physical presence. This theme resonates deeply with many parents, including myself. In 2018, my seven-month-old son, Morakinyo Caleb, died. The pain was overwhelming, and working out how to carry on my life after such a loss seemed impossible.

However, the enduring love I have for my son and the healing journey I went on inspired me to create My Little Warrior Child, a foundation established in his memory. Through this foundation, my team and I aim to support other bereaved parents, offering them resources, comfort, and a community where they can find understanding and empathy.

Finding Community

For parents grappling with the loss of a child, National Bereaved Parents Day serves as a beacon of hope. It is a day to come together, share memories, and remember the lives of our beloved children.

Whether through participating in local events, joining support groups, or simply lighting a candle in remembrance, there are many ways to observe this day and find comfort in the collective support of others who understand this unique pain.

Practical Ways to Observe National Bereaved Parents Day

Join a Support Group: Connecting with other bereaved parents can provide immense comfort. Many organisations, including A Child of Mine and My Little Warrior Child (MLWC), offer support groups and online communities.

If you're seeking a support group for bereaved parents, you can join our Facebook group here. At MLWC, we provide support and resources to help you navigate grief, heartbreak, and loss, regardless of your child's age at the time of their passing.

Participate in Events: Many local and national organisations host events on this day. These gatherings offer a space to remember and celebrate the lives of lost children.

Create a Memorial: Whether it's planting a tree, dedicating a bench, or creating a memory book, personal memorials can be a therapeutic way to mark your child's memory.

Light a Candle: At 7 pm local time, light a candle in remembrance of your child. This simple act can be a powerful moment of reflection and connection with other bereaved parents worldwide.

Share Your Story: If you feel comfortable, sharing your story can be a source of strength for you and others. Social media, blogs, and community forums are great platforms to express your love and keep your child's memory alive.

If you are carrying the pain of your loss and you feel you would benefit from professional support, we have grief specialists available immediately, including myself, who are here to help.

About Detola

Detola Amure

Detola Amure is a Productivity Coach and Grief & Loss Specialist. Her journey to dealing with grief began when her 7 month old baby boy died unexpectantly. Now, an Amazon Bestselling Author, International Speaker and several qualifications later, Detola helps people recover from their emotional losses so that they can be better leaders and communicators. You can learn more about Detola here.


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