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From Existing to Living Again

You don’t have to grieve alone and it’s never too soon to start working on your broken heart

From Existing to Living Again

When we’re hit by the loss of someone we love, it can turn living into merely existing. We can end up in a strange state of survival. Life has lost its meaning and your person isn’t there to live for anymore.

How can you find purpose again? How can you move beyond feeling a moment of joy that quickly turns into guilt for feeling happiness when you ‘should’ be grieving?

One of the cruellest things about bereavement is the quick realisation that life carries on around you. The sun rises and sets. People go about their days. It’s a harsh reality.

So now what? In those first few weeks and months of grief it can be about finding a reason to get out of bed. As time passes, you’re likely to find that while the initial stinging pain passes, the pain becomes a dull ache that rises and falls but it's still there. (Please note, this isn’t the same for everyone).

What happens next is in your hands. You have a choice. You can carry the burden of grief with you and let it weigh you down, living a life full of heartache and pain, or you can do something about it to help you live your future with purpose, albeit a different way forward to the one you had hoped for.

This is not about forgetting your loved one. It’s about finding a way for you to carry on.

Grief Specialists brings you an array of professional support. You don’t have to grieve alone and it’s never too soon to start working on your broken heart. Please email us or get in touch via social media and we can find the right support for you.

About Maria

Maria Bailey

Maria Bailey is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist based near Torquay, Devon, where she lives with her husband, three children and two dogs. Maria uses the Grief Recovery Method, a short action programme via Zoom, to mainly help people who have lost loved ones to cancer and Covid-19. In her spare time, Maria is also a school governor and preschool chairman.

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