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Tackling Substance Abuse after Loss

SP Bespoke and Grief Specialists CIC Combine Expertise

Tackling Substance Abuse after Loss

Grief is a natural and healthy response to loss. It is a process of emotional, psychological, and social adjustment to the death, loss, or change of a loved one or something that has great meaning to a person. Grief can be overwhelming and can lead to a variety of physical, emotional, and behavioural changes.

For some people, grief can be so intense that it leads to the use of alcohol or drugs. While substance use can be a way of coping with the pain of grief, it can also make the grieving process more difficult.

Some people use substances to numb the pain of grief. They may feel like they can't handle the pain and that substances will make it go away. Others use substances to escape from the reality of their loss. They may feel like they can't cope with the pain and that substances will help them forget about their loss.

A Damaging Cycle

Substances can interfere with the ability to think clearly and make sound decisions. They can also make it difficult to connect with others and to feel emotions. This can make it even more difficult to cope with the pain of grief.

However, the longer the use of substances goes on, the more likely this is to turn into addiction. All the time, the root cause is left undealt with.

Alcohol or drug addiction is not just a problem for the individual. Issues permeate through every area of not only their lives, but into the lives of others close to them. Misuse of alcohol and drugs is an obsession that will cause an immeasurable negative impact on the family, friends, and employers of the primary sufferer. It will more than likely cause anxiety and stress for the whole family. This has severe knock-on effects, affecting finances through employment, legal and business problems.

Working alongside SP Bespoke, an organisation that offers a different approach with at-home detox and rehabilitation that helps untangle the personal and work problems associated with the core issue of alcohol or drug misuse with the whole family, we plan to help those dealing with loss and untether them from a lifetime of pain.

SP Bespoke is an innovative alcohol and drug recovery programme that offers a holistic approach to recovery. Their mission is to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to those in recovery, helping them to achieve long-term success in their goals. By using a multi-disciplinary team of experts, SP Bespoke addresses all aspects of addiction, including the physical, mental, and emotional effects.


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