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Is Ignoring Your Grief A Good Coping Mechanism?

The problem with ignoring your grief

Ignoring Your Grief

The trouble with ignoring your grief Is that it means pushing away your feelings, shoving them down, somewhere deep inside.

And the problem with that, is that they don't go away. They sit there, and if you don’t deal with them they make you listen.

All of a sudden you develop aches and pains where you didn't have them before. Or you get headaches, perhaps your sleep is disturbed.

And what you may not realise, is that your grief can create all those symptoms? Unresolved grief is said to be responsible for 15-20% of all psychiatric issues.

Yes you read that correctly. Shocking, right? So is ignoring your grief a good coping skill?

Well for short bursts of time, absolutely. Just so you can get through your day to day needs.

But long term? No.

It needs to be acknowledged and allowed. Doing this validates your loss and your feelings - and frees your energy. Allowing you to reimagine your life.

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About Carol

Carol Banens is a Certified Grief Educator and Certified Grief To Gratitude Coach. Carol provides compassionate support and guidance, helping you to discover hope and the potential for a meaningful life despite the weight of loss. You can learn more about Carol here.


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