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Bereavement Support and the Concept of 'Grief Life Jackets'

Grief support can direct you to find the specialised help you may need

Bereavement Support and the Concept of Grief Life Jackets

Grief is a tumultuous journey, often likened to navigating through rough waters. While there are various theoretical models used by grief counsellors, one particularly relatable analogy is 'The Whirlpool of Grief.'

Unlike a predictable river of life with occasional rapids and waves, grief can resemble a sudden and overwhelming waterfall, catching us off guard and plunging us into a free fall of emotions.

In the wake of a bereavement, it's not uncommon to feel as though you're plummeting down that waterfall, grappling with fear and uncertainty about how to cope. The descent can be terrifying, leaving us struggling to keep our heads above water as grief swirls around us relentlessly.

During the initial aftermath of loss, grief can feel all-consuming, leaving us gasping for air as we navigate the turbulent currents.

However, as time passes, the intensity of the grief can begin to subside, allowing us to gradually find our footing amidst the rough waters.

Seeking Bereavement Support

Grief support serves as a temporary life jacket during this bumpy period, providing a safe space to process our emotions and gather strength to continue the journey.

There's no set timeline for grief, and everyone's experience is unique.

Sometimes, simply having the opportunity to share our feelings and experiences can be enough to sustain us as we gradually learn to swim on our own again.

Grief Specialists

While many individuals find solace in the support of friends and family, others may benefit from the specialised guidance offered by a grief specialist. These sessions provide a non-judgmental environment where individuals can explore their grief and work towards healing and acceptance.

Ultimately, the goal of bereavement support is to empower individuals to navigate through their grief journey and find a sense of 'new-normal.'

While the grief support life jacket may be temporary, its impact can be profound, guiding us through the roughest waters and helping us emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side.

About Jo

Jo Goodwin-Worton

Jo Goodwin-Worton retrained and qualified as a grief specialist and now offers real-life experience and academia to support people through a loss or bereavement. Having had first-hand experience of grief herself Jo can relate to your grief experience and offer you the support you need at such a difficult time. You can learn more about Jo here.


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