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Bereaved Grief Specialist Launches Guide to Help with Grief

Sixteen Days is a memoir about the – mostly kind – things people said, and did.

Grieving auntie and grief specialist, Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane from Doncaster has today launched her book, Sixteen Days, to help people support others with sudden loss.

When Mary-Lou, a 22-year-old Law graduate and Masters student at The University of Sheffield died suddenly in January 2020, her auntie, Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane found herself in a position of being strong for her sister, whilst feeling totally bereft as well.

As an academic, Victoria turned to reading. Some of the material out there about sudden death frightened her, as they talked a lot about families falling apart and that didn't resonate with her, or match her experience.

Although close to her niece, Victoria wasn't right at the centre of the grief.

Victoria, who is Director of Innovative Student Learning at Kaplan International Pathways said: “There wasn't a lot out there in terms of books or articles for someone who’s grieving and totally heartbroken but not an immediate family member. A lot of friends were saying things like, “I really don’t know what to say...,” and I didn’t have any words, either.

“This is when I decided to write a book about my experience. Sixteen Days is a memoir about the – mostly kind – things people said, and did, in the short period between Mary-Lou’s death and the funeral.

At a time of many people experiencing loss during the global pandemic, I hope my book helps others.

It contains advice for the reader on how to support people in shock and grieving, following bereavement,” continued Victoria.

Last year, Victoria decided to train as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist to support children and adults grieving life losses, which also helped her with her own loss and with finishing her book.

Sixteen Days is available to buy now in paperback or Kindle download from Amazon and from Victoria’s website here.


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