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Grief Reignited

News confirming Downing Street was breaking the rules while others didn’t get to say goodbye reignites the flames of grief for so many.

Grief Reignited

Stories coming out about the Prime Minister and leading politicians breaking their own lockdown rules is resulting in new layers of grief for the families who obeyed the rules and didn’t get to say goodbye to their loved ones.

For many, the last time they saw their loved ones was being taken off in the back of an ambulance. Some lost loved ones in care homes, others hospitals or hospices. They missed out on holding their loved ones' hands as they died.

Reawakening their grief upon hearing this news is likely to stir up further feelings of injustice and anger.

The people who were unable to go to funerals of family or friends by following the rules may also feel this new layer of grief.

If this is your experience and you need support to get through this time, please use our Find an Expert pages to search for one of our grief specialists.

We also have a wealth of articles with guidance, and social media platforms where you can talk to us.


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